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thermal bath

The LAVA thermal bath, like the Russian banya, is inspired by the age-old tradition of hot baths in Russian and Japanese cultures. Spa baths with brine and herbs offer more than just relaxation; they provide pleasure, health, and rapid regeneration. It's a Slavic ritual in harmony with nature, strengthening the immune system and activating our Bioregeneration system. With this in mind, we create each of our products.

Thermal water is widely recognized as excellent for allergic, sensitive, and atopic skin. Baths also benefit people with joint diseases – they alleviate bone pain and contribute to reducing swelling. Their high temperature has a positive impact on hormonal balance and regulates metabolism.




In addition to cleansing our skin of toxins and providing relaxation, dry sauna also brings many health benefits. Those aiming to lose weight will be interested to know that during one session, we burn approximately 300 kcal. Furthermore, it improves heart function, supports blood pressure regulation, and enhances circulation

Sessions in the dry sauna usually last from 8 to 12 minutes, and the maximum time one can spend in it is 15 minutes. After the session, it's best to take a short, cold shower, then thoroughly dry off, take a moment to rest, and return to the sauna. Such sessions are repeated two or three times. After the last session, it's important to rinse thoroughly with clean water, without using soap or gel, and thoroughly dry the entire body and hair. You can apply oil to the skin. After using the sauna, it's good to lie down and rest for about 15-20 minutes; it is also recommended to drink 1 liter of water. It's important to remember that after a sauna session, physical exertion should be avoided for some time.

Just like in the case of a steam sauna, it is necessary to bring a towel to the dry sauna. If you are in the sauna in a lying position, remember to get up slowly and, before leaving, sit for a moment to allow your circulation to normalize. Getting up too quickly can cause dizziness.

Dry sauna - temperature. Sauna sucha charakteryzuje się znacznie wyższą temperaturą od sauny parowej. Średnio panuje w niej od 85 do nawet 120°C, a wilgotność powietrza wynosi od 5 do 15%. Takie warunki osiąga się dzięki specjalnemu piecowi, którym nagrzewa kamienie oddające ciepło. Sauna fińska zazwyczaj wyłożona jest w środku drewnem z jodły kanadyjskiej lub cedru.

Individuals with ulcers, cancerous tumors, venereal diseases, epilepsy, glaucoma, acute asthma, and tuberculosis should refrain from using the dry sauna.

Clear obstacles also include various types of tumors, inflammatory conditions, as well as prostheses and implants, e.g., of the hip joint. It is not recommended for pregnant women. Sauna use is risky for young children (definitely, we should not take children under 6 years old) and the elderly.

What to take to the sauna?
 In your bag, you should definitely have: flip-flops, shower gel. Towels are provided.

Beczka do morsowania


Before entering the icy water, you should warm up your body for several minutes through intense exercises. Then, take off your clothes and quickly enter the water only in swimwear, caps, and gloves. The first entry into the water is not easy. You need to overcome fear and not think about the temperature. Beginners enter the water up to their chest for several seconds. More experienced 'Morsy' stay in longer. After leaving the water, dry off and get dressed.

Coldwater immersion after a workout has become particularly popular in recent years. It is said to have a beneficial impact on both the immune and cardiovascular systems, as well as reducing 'muscle soreness' and improving metabolism throughout the body. Not without reason, professional athletes regularly practice ice baths.